Below are free-parking options available for the Peg Bond Pavilion. A marked satellite image of the area points out the entrance to each parking location with letter code labeling that’s keyed to the following directions. The link to the satellite map can be found at the bottom of this page.

A – 151 N. Island Ave, a small parking lot reserved for patrons with physical restrictions requiring close proximity. From Wilson Street, turn north onto N. Island Avenue.

B – 100 N. Island Ave. Main parking lot, nearest Peg Bond Pavilion. (Be careful NOT to park in spaces clearly marked as reserved for city vehicles). From Wilson Street, turn north onto N. Island Avenue, go north past Police Department and City Hall.

C – 127 Houston Street. Street-parking located along the south edge of the concert site. Diagonal on-street spaces available accessed via west-bound traffic on Houston Street.

D1 & D2 – 20 N. River Street. A two-level city parking garage east of the concert site. Access the lower level on River Street. Within the lower level, there is a prominent sign indicating a R-turn onto State Street to access the upper-deck parking. The upper-deck can be directly accessed via State. From either deck, walk across River Street to the pedestrian bridge (across from “Pal Joey’s” red canopy). Once over the bridge, cross N. Island Avenue, and the Peg Bond Pavilion will be in view.

E – 59 N. Washington Street Parking Lot encompasses the overflow from the City parking garage’s upper deck. N. Washington Street is one block east of N. River Street. Follow the same directions given above in D1 & D2 to walk to the concert site.

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